PROJECT: Place Calendar

PROJECT: 12 Months of Place

Inspired by seasonal plant growing calendars, but wanting to explore a bigger sense of urban landscape; this illustration project creates a calendar celebrating the seasons of cities.

The first city is Brisbane  #12monthsofBNE

The idea aims to share the memories, stories and feelings of each month in the city.   More than just seasonal food, it wants to start fun conversations about what makes Brisbane unique throughout a year. It could be the Ekka in winter, purple Jacarandas in spring or the scorching sands in summer.


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Currently Available

  • September 2016 (magpies)
  • October 2016 (jacarandas)
  • November 2016 (storms)
  • December 2016 (mangoes)
  • January 2017 (gabba)
  • February 2017 (chinese new year)
  • March 2017 (apple picking)
  • April 2017 (easter hot cross buns)
  • May 2017 (state of origin)
  • June 2017 (mandarins)
  • July 2017 (winter clothes)
  • August 2017 (ekka sundaes)

This will be a printed calendar when fully developed.

This project is an extension of the Brisbane seasonal menu zine created for Boy And Bird in 2014 (Winter Dinner), that was planned as a quarterly exploration of habitat in seasons.

Other BNE inspirations:

While the notions of place gets defined by urban place-makers in different ways, it is likely more fitting (and interesting) to see what cultural references about place most resonate and defines our city: