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Singapore: Edible Rooftop

This hidden gem, is NONG created by Edible Gardens.  Located on top of a shopping centre carpark,  it holds workshops, is a gallery for local artists to present their interpretation of sustainable and ethical farming, and is a shop and retail space for products they have crafted and curated.

We found it on a quiet morning without much activity, but a nice setup and vibe nonetheless.  A great example of pop-ups transforming spaces.

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Singapore: Student Street Furniture

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), in collaboration with LASALLE College of the Arts (LASALLE), unveiled 10 student-designed benches along the Marina Bay waterfront promenade.  This is part of the URA’s ongoing “My Marina Bay, My Inspiration” programme to encourage student and community groups to draw inspiration from Marina Bay and to translate it into creative designs for the area.

I love street furniture, and thought this would be a great competition for other cities and Brisbane spaces.

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Singapore: Marina Bay City Gallery

I walked in thinking it was an art gallery, but the Marina Bay City Gallery was more a urban planning gallery!  It educates and explain the redevelopment around Marina Bay.  I had seen similar things in China and Canada, and actually as community engagement tools I think these types of spaces, models, exhibitions and ‘storefronts’ are really clever and can be innovative in getting people to interact and understand urban design in new ways.

I’m really yet to see Australian cities do this, which is a shame.

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Singapore: Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is the new park in Singapore.  It’s like a Botanic Gardens but also has a very theme-parky feel (with super trees and glasshouses).  It was interesting enough, but one of the things I found interesting was actually the pedestrian links back to the Marina Bay Sands complex.

Trees on pedestrian overpasses was a really nice touch that would be great in more cities.  It was too busy with highway noise underfoot to really want to sit there, but it did also provide public seating along the way to contemplate the views.


Singapore: Street Playground

There are see-saws in the middle of the street….why not!   Genius little street design that offers some traffic calming and some public space.  At first it doesn’t seem like much but I saw it being used by a playgroup, proving that even the smallest spaces can work.

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Singapore 2.0: Rest in Peace

A public art installation at the School of Arts.  I couldn’t help but think it’s a park(ing) idea waiting to happen.