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Japan: City Frames

“Instagram worthy” is my new definer of city spaces, so much so I imagine if a city was designed to be photographed it might have great public space outcomes.   As part of that, I think the idea of “city frames” could be important, and I noticed many of these in Roppongi.

Literally physical “frames”, these are selfie/photo opportunities, quirky landscape moments, markers of visual interest and catalysts for play or interactivity.


IMAG1001 IMAG1005

P.S. Check out, Brazilian artist Bruno Ribeiro’s Real Instagram Project  which added frames to London locations


Japan: Footpath finds

Footpaths, cycle paths and shared zones is the strange thing I often notice on holidays.   These are some great ones found near Shibuya, Ginza and Ueno.  It was great to see cycle lanes on paths (not road), which I think Brisbane should do more of.

IMAG0977 IMAG0975 IMAG0956 IMAG0942


Japan: Ginza Street Closure

We had stumbled upon a street closure by the Ginza Street Association.  With a few  temporary umbrellas adding to the “tactical urbanism” vibe, it felt very much to me like Park Ave in New York’s  Summer Streets.

Wikipedia told me later “Each Saturday and Sunday, from 12:00 noon until 5:00 pm, the main street through Ginza is closed off to road traffic, allowing people to walk freely. This is called Hokōsha Tengoku (歩行者天国?) or Hokoten for short, literally meaning “pedestrian heaven”.



Japan: Under the Underpass

The “dead space” and loss potential of underneath bridge and underpass spaces is a pet peeve of mine in urban design.    It was great to see active building uses observed around Tokyo’s underbridge spaces –   in Ginza, Toyko Station, Ueno Station.

ueno station ginza