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Boston Weekend: Freedom Trail

Apart from the historic significance of the Freedom Trail, what I enjoyed most was the physical trail itself as an urban design feature.  Like following the yellow brick road, you could never get lost on it even if you deviated a bit – you could find it again.  You could find it by the map, the pavement or the hordes of tourists usually gave it away!

I especially enjoyed it as a quirky feature to watch on the ground as it changed in material, surface and pattern.

It made me think of urban exploration and how great it would be if cities had more trails, and all the different fun themes you could have for trails and tours.

It also reminded me of that beautiful Melbourne tourism ad, with the people rolling out giant colourful string across the city. I can just imagine a bunch of colour lines across a city, and you could choose any path to follow.

(P.S. The Chaser’s version of that ad, is still pretty hilarious too)


Boston Weekend: Urban Exploration

What I love in cities – big or small-  is the ability to wander and explore places.

Just taking any path and enjoying the exploration, the dead ends, the glimpses and randomness

True in cities. True in life (trying to think that more of the time)

Intriguing sign, leads us nowhere in particular but private glimpses

Boston Weekend: Pretty Paramount Lights

On the walk back, we got distracted by something pretty, light and shiny, and detoured to see what it was.  At the end of the street was a light show on the Paramount Centre.

Via – “Perhaps the most surprising thing about the 60- by 40-foot LED video wall at Emerson College’s new Paramount Center is that it exists at all, according to project architect Ross Cameron. Usually in a renovation this big, decorative yet costly flourishes get sliced from the budget. Not in this case. The wall, which cost $100,000 and is made up of 4,710 LED bulbs, will provide light shows to passersby on Washington Street.”

Boston Weekend: The door knocks of Beacon Hill

Great design is in great details.   In a wandering exploration of building features in Beacon Hill, the theme became about doors and door knocks.