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47th Worldwide Sketchcrawl – Brisbane – 25th April

Sketchcrawl is like a pubcrawl, with less pub and more drawing

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SFO: Urban Sketches at SPUR

Today I stumbled upon the SPUR Urban Center (Ideas and Action for a Better City) which is pretty much my dream place for Brisbane …and every other city for that matter.

Through research, education and advocacy, SPUR promotes good planning and good government”

In the space was an exhibition of my other favourite thing – urban sketching!!

“Pulled from artist and illustrator Wendy MacNaughton’s most recent book, Meanwhile in San Francisco: The City in It’s Own Words, SPUR’s latest exhibition features beautiful illustrations that form a collaborative narrative: the drawings are hers, but the words came from people living and working in San Francisco.”

Sketchcrawl #37

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This was my 2nd Brisbane Sketchcrawl, and the 37th worldwide sketchcrawl. Inspired by the Brisbane Heritage Trail we started at Eagle St and ended in Southbank (it’s a relaxed pace and each stop for about 30-45mins)

1. Eagle St Pier

2. St Stephen’s Church (one of my ‘hidden” CBD greenspace gems)

3. Edward St/ Alice St (one of my favourite CBD blocks for buildings)

4. Botanic Gardens/ River

5. Southbank

Brisbane Sketchcrawl: Results

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To me, Sketchcrawl is much more than just drawing in urban spaces.

It supports urban design and place-making by

  • activating and adding spectacle to public space
  • exploring and appreciating city spaces and views
  • observing architecture detail more closely
  • and building community interaction

Other results and photos:

Brisbane Sketchcrawl + SIA

It’s happening this Saturday.

Brisbane Sketchcrawl  with a special SIA session at Southbank.

Choose your weapons! 

What is a Sketchcrawl? 
Sketchcrawl is a worldwide quarterly drawing meet-up that entices sketchers from all over the world to meet and and sketch their cities, and this happens on that day world-wide! See previous examples at

April 21st 2012 is the 35th Worldwide Sketchcrawl and it is happening in Brisbane!!! 

Sketchers of all ages and abilities, are invited to participate in a planned circuit crawl where you, as part of a group of happy sketchers, will be  making fantastic images of Brisbane via the River, with sketchbooks and pen, pencil, charcoal, paint, and  even i-pads!

We invite illustrators, designers, animators, architects and artists to join us.

The plan is to “crawl” from QUT, Goodwill Bridge, Southbank, Brisbane Square


Participation is FREE, and participants can do part or all of the circuit, whatever suits their needs and time constraints on the day.

Bring art materials and water, hat, and sun-screen. Bring your lunch or buy something at cafes close by.

This is a fun event and everybody is welcome, including children, partners and spouses and friends, and whether you’re an old hand or just want to try something new and creatively satisfying. It is also a chance to activate and observe our important urban public spaces.

We are also exploring where we can have a popup gallery of the day’s drawings.

For updated information on the Brisbane Sketchcrawl event go to our Facebook page:

Drawing all the buildings in New York

A nice article in the Fin Review- “Wish” Magazine November 2011.

James Nevius: “Buildings are our best form of time travel.  the people are gone, we don’t live in that era, so buildings are the gateway into the story of the city’s history and the people who lived there”…

“in New York there is a hight signal to noise ratio” “so when you are on a street it can be hard to focus on a building because there’s so much going on.  What is nice about these drawings is they divorce the buildings from the surrounding and noise, allowing you to really look at them”