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TEDx Youth Brisbane

TEDxYouth@Brisbane 2011 happened on November 20th at The Edge, State Library of Queensland.

A great range of memorable speakers.  Amy did a great job as first speaker and inspiring about vibrant cities and public spaces.   Her message was simple “that it is our city to shape!”

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Looking forward to an edited video of the talk.


Vandalism Vigilante

via Big New Ideas >

A simple idea of painting public seating.   “Civic-minded, young, creative people looking to improve our park and while the park’s department approved of our intention they disapproved of our methods.”

This story is yet another reminder of why public space management models ought to be re-looked at.  If this happened in Brisbane, I somehow bet the same reaction in some places.  How frustrating that is can not be seen as a win-win?  Community ownership/action + better spaces = Less Council resources/budget.

167 Eagle St

167 Eagle St.  It wasn’t until recently that I even really noticed this outdoor space near Esquire.  A hidden space, not seen from the street, not seen from the River….and a car park that could be reimagined and used for temporary events.  Space enough to hold a talk, a drawing class, a video projection, a party.  I think this is an UR{BNE} site waiting to happen!

Prime riverfront realestate used as a car park?  It seems a crime.

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Watch this space: UR{BNE} Festival

Draft proposal>>

A month long festival (May 2012) activating Brisbane public’s spaces and encouraging the public discussion about the design of cities.

What you might expect?

  • Talks in public space
  • Talks about public space and cities
  • Workshops on community projects
  • Design workshops
  • SIA lunch time design drawing  challenges
  • Brisbane Park(ing) Day book launch
  • King George Square Games Night
  • Pecha Kucha
  • Exhibitions
  • Design film program
  • Walking tours (international Jane Walks )
  • Theatre in public spaces
  • Dinners in public space
  • Design/build installation
  • Community ideas for redesign
  • Social events
  • Music in public space

Seeking to partner with existing events, professional peak bodies and institutes (AIA, UDAL, AILA, DIA), universities, businesses, media, and community.


There are amazing groups and community building stuff out there in Brisbane…but I just don’t think people know them well enough.  

Awesome stuff like merging design, creative and community stuffs, such as –  
Human – and their latest venture,  Lowercase,

I stumbled upon Lowercase, looking for their mobile technology cart.

Park(ing) Day 2011

@ THG, Julia St, Valley.

Park(ing) Day happened again.  The greatest thrill is still overheard conversations saying “wish we could have this all the time”.  Inspiring the conversation about public space is what it is all about.