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My TEDx Talk: Public Space


Albert Street : tactical urbanism in action

In 2013, the UR{BNE} Festival collaborated with BCC on the Albert St Picnic as part of the Ideas Fiesta/ City Centre Masterplan.

Since then it has evolved as a masterplan priority project with

  • an Albert St Vision,
  • capital works (footpath extension, bollard systems),
  • traders groups,
  • an “activation trailer” (seats, signs etc) parked on site and movable through CBD.
  • regular events (Friday lunches for August 2015)

IMAG2624 IMAG2625 IMAG2626

Well done to the BCC Urban Design team for making activations be a part of planning policy

It’s always wonderful to see tactical urbanism and the 48x48x48 model in action.
48 hours of action >  48 month action plan > 48 year vision!

Art @ the Park

It so innocently started out as a blog post about my London visit to Hyde Park here,
and then SHAZAAM!! (with a UR{BNE} Ideas Cafe),  it magically happened in Brisbane.

Art @ the Park  + Art @ the Park Facebook

Great work Murray, it was a great day.



Albert St Picnic

IMG_29073 days of Albert St Picnic, and it’s all a blur.  Co-managing this for UR{BNE} with BCC, was indeed a learning curve.

It was not always an easy process, but on DAY 2 , I was finally reminded that Albert St is a street closure being explored as a future ‘shared zone” and as a move in just “tactical urbanism” than I think it was a great outcome.  This “testing” is what I had always ultimately wanted out of Park(ing) Days.

I might have done things differently, but in the end the photos and public experience tell the story, not me.

Festivals as City Making

BDA + UR{BNE} launch, 10 May 2012

60+ people in a laneway and a great night to be talking about public space while IN a public space.

I talked about “Festivals as City Making”, and where I am inspired in public space activation, exciting people about urban design and starting community festivals.

Full presentation slides here >

*photo by Amy.
**Great work by Brooke for making the night  happen and very cool to see Salma’s My Wish for Brisbane happen.

TEDx Youth Brisbane

TEDxYouth@Brisbane 2011 happened on November 20th at The Edge, State Library of Queensland.

A great range of memorable speakers.  Amy did a great job as first speaker and inspiring about vibrant cities and public spaces.   Her message was simple “that it is our city to shape!”

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Looking forward to an edited video of the talk.