GC: Night Quarter

The GC’s  new Night Quarter is probably sick of the comparison to Brisbane’s Eat Street, but this new spot is proving the winning formula of containers, food, stalls, music, and plenty of astroturf!

To me, Eat Street is still is a great example of semi-permanent placemaking as it remains on a future development site.  I’m not sure the development status of Night Quarter is the same but it has a similar “lighter, quicker” tactical urbanism vibe.

Here’s some differences I noticed between the two –

  • The car parking is just as hectic.  They seem to have a deal with Helensvale’s Town Centre which is a nice co-location idea as the shopping centre isn’t generally trading Friday and Saturday nights.
  • The public transport is better and right next to the train station
  • Feels a bit better organised with a higher presence of staff and the seating layout seems a bit better
  • There’s is a kids area for activities which is a nice touch for families
  • It is smaller which might make it a more manageable space, and less overwhelming that what Eat Street can feel.

Either way, both are showing that containers are great design opportunities and that markets of all kinds do wonderful things for community gathering.


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