Park(ing) Day 2015: BCC endorsed

When I started Brisbane PARK(ing) Day conversations in 2007, I had always wanted it to be BCC endorsed, but I never had much political luck on that…
But wishes do come true and I’m super excited to finally see BCC Urban Design team making it happen this year!!.
Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.09.05 pm
We haven’t pushed it much from our end since 2012, so its resurgence is a rather pleasant surprise!
It is also a wonderful sign that placemaking is now more “mainstream” and accepted in policy thinking.   It also demonstrates that urban action is two-fold.  It is both bottom up (community driven), but it has to be supported top down too (government driven).
A sincere thanks to all the past Brisbane PARKers who over the years were inspired creative leaders who supported in the early days, and demonstrated its possibilities
I can’t want to see this year’s event!

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