Albert Street : tactical urbanism in action

In 2013, the UR{BNE} Festival collaborated with BCC on the Albert St Picnic as part of the Ideas Fiesta/ City Centre Masterplan.

Since then it has evolved as a masterplan priority project with

  • an Albert St Vision,
  • capital works (footpath extension, bollard systems),
  • traders groups,
  • an “activation trailer” (seats, signs etc) parked on site and movable through CBD.
  • regular events (Friday lunches for August 2015)

IMAG2624 IMAG2625 IMAG2626

Well done to the BCC Urban Design team for making activations be a part of planning policy

It’s always wonderful to see tactical urbanism and the 48x48x48 model in action.
48 hours of action >  48 month action plan > 48 year vision!


One thought on “Albert Street : tactical urbanism in action

  1. musedemuzz says:

    This is great to see – even if I’m impatient and wish it was done years ago.

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