City Builder Book Club (Arrival City): Chapter 10 Sketch (end)


Chapter 10: Arriving in Style 


The crucial paradox of the arrival city is that its occupants all want to stop living in an arrival city – either by making money and moving their families and village networks out or by turning the neighbourhood itself into something better….But most, if they succeed, tend to produce their own obsolescence.  The arrival city is now the favoured new residential neighbourhood in many North American and European cities with districts like Rampart in Los Angeles, the Lower East Side in Manhattan, Spitalfields in London, Belleville in Paris and Ossington in Toronto becoming desirable for young graduates…seeking homes precisely because the presence of dynamic, city transforming arrival-city communities. 

At the end of Arrival City, my reflections include- 

  • Cities are indeed ever-changing complex beasts
  • Enjoyed the use of personal and character stories as a narrative intro to topics
  • While some scenarios in developing countries still feel detached to me, I certainly could see the connections and similar sentiments in the refugee stories of my own family upbringing and other migrant groups.  The issues feel real to the arrival suburbs of Brisbane  
  • While I found it slightly harder to draw than the first bookclub book, it was still useful exercise to keep me reading and on time.  

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