SFO: Visit to Walt Disney Family Museum

I had gone to Presidio earlier in the week to see Lucas Films as part of Wired by Design,  I found myself back there, slightly lost and trying to find the Walt Disney Family Museum.  It feels like a peculiar enclave of historic buildings and federal land, but the destination was well worth it.

It was one of the few museum experiences I’ve have that left me moved, inspired and wanting to go find the book and know more.   Perhaps it was just this great story of a creative man, dreamer, innovator and a great museum layout to help tell this story.  Or more perhaps it was the content – of pure childhood nostalgia. Disney movies felt magic in my childhood and it still does.

Fave museum design ideas to steal = 

  1. Their integration of screens into display was so very well done.  I really enjoy when they were inset into other 2D graphics 
  2. The lift to the 2nd level gallery was “a train car” and had a small voice over.  It represented the literal transition to his move to Hollywood.  Using the building as experience was a great touch
  3. The layout of galleries was essentially a timeline, and sometimes I’m not a fan of such linear models, it also just works really well.   The story about his work and career was also really well integrated with family stories, and insights. 
  4. The last rooms felt emotional to me reflecting on his death and legacy.  The final room was a quiet pause of reflection.  (A recent QM exhibition had a similar space and I think it really is in tune with what visitors need)

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