SFO: Living Innovation Zone

The Living Innovation Zone Program (LIZ) seeks to create a flexible framework that harnesses the city’s creativity by using City-owned assets, such as public spaces, and partnerships with leading organizations as catalysts for exploration, innovation and play.

LIZ is a partnership between the SF Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation, SF Planning, and SF DPW.

I stumbled upon this walking to breakfast and it is yet another great example of progressive public space thinking in SFO, and nicely is also an example of when my worlds of urban design and museums collide.  It is my own dream to be seeing this type of content and collaboration more that is not only contributing to urban spaces but pushing museums past the traditional walls.

The “Pause” Project on Market St was with the The Exploratorium who were “given the opportunity to build an interactive educational experience on the city sidewalks that open people’s eyes and illuminate how the world works”.  One of the chairs is really neat as it takes social interaction and 2 people to sit next to each other to close the circulate (hold hands) and play music on the seat’s arm rests.

*The website only notes things from 2013.  I do hope this great idea is still going on


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