City Builder Book Club (Arrival City): Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Outside In: The Lives of the New City

Page 6—61

In other Chinese cities, including Beijing and Chongqing, former villages congeal into self-built “villages”…there they can get a crude but liable first home, and build a small shop, restaurant, or even a start-up factory in its ground floor, as arrival-city residents do around the world.

But these self-built neighbourhoods no longer exist in Shenzhen….The workers from this “village” had lost their shops, and homes and moved back to their real villages.  This pattern adds up to a serious crisis in Shenzhen, which is losing its workers by the millions to the slum-packed inland cities, causing it to raise its minimum wage and intern lose its garment-manufacturing to lower-wage cities like Dhaka. …around the world, scholars, and officials are beginning to realise that rural-urban migration are crucial to a city’s future, not a problem to be eliminated



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