City Builder Book Club: Chapter 1 (Arrival City)

I really enjoyed sketching along to the 1st City Builder Book Club, so decided to do it again for the 2nd book.  Arrival City starts today! (15 Sept to 23 Nov)

Arrival City is a progressive and optimistic narrative about our urban future that maps a world of “arrival cities”, the destination for new migrants.


Arrival City

Chapter 1: On the Edge of the City

Page 11 – The arrival city can be readily distinguished from other urban neighbourhood, not only by its rural-immigrant population, its improvised appearance and ever-changing nature, but also by the constant linkages it makes….in two directions. It is linked in lasting and intensive way to its originating villages, constantly sending people and money and knowledge back and forth, making possible the next wave of migrations…the care of older generations and the education of younger ones, financing the improvement of the village.   And it is linked important and deeply engaged ways to the established city. Its political institutions, business relationship, social networks and transactions are all footholds intended to give new village arrivals a purchase, however fragile, on the edge of the larger society, and to give them a place to push themselves, and their children, further into the centre, into acceptance, into connectedness



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