Gold Coast Light Rail

Public transport is a huge part of making great city experiences, so I was pretty excited on my first trip on the Gold Coast Light Rail.

Like many urban planning and infrastructure projects they don’t just happen overnight.   It fact they seem to take ages!   I had once read that the GCRT  idea was first raised more than 10 years ago – so it’s always a remarkable story of resilience of planners and politicians to keep pushing these projects forward.    What an amazing feat these kind of projects are!  Check out the  GCRT Lessons Learnt Report –

Things I enjoyed –

  • go card/ integrated ticketing was easy
  • no need for timetables  – the frequency seemed pretty good
  • streetscape integration of stations, tracks, crossings feels well done
  • towards Cavill Mall/Surfers, the removal of car traffic helps the pedestrian vibe.
  • the tighter urban form to certain stations feel nicer (towards Broadbeach it feels much harsher between 2 lanes of traffic)
  • the ‘openness’ of design (especially un-fenced on tracks) is great.  It could have been much uglier with fencing
  • since buses and trains dominate our SEQ cityscapes,  it’s also just nice to see investment into other modes.

In some moments on narrower blocks it had reminded me of my time in San Jose in 2002….so we are only 10-ish years behind, but it’s a giant step.

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