Cities of Trust


Over breakfast, I found a travel article in the Age (28th July), it was on Portland and specifically it’s street food cart culture.  I see this struggle in BNE and other cities due to regulations, so I liked that it talked about the usual suspects like incentive licensing, city culture etc

BUT the thing that most struck me was a sentence about the community TRUSTING the sanitation and quality standards.

TRUST. simple.

It seemed like an fascinating and interesting word for city making, as I wonder if most city regulation are actually breeding the opposite cultures of risk adverse and mistrust.

My theory is a city of more trust might have no fences, more community governance, different communal spaces, no public liability thus more adventurous design, and dynamic boundaries and uses.


One thought on “Cities of Trust

  1. Muzz says:


    I wrote a (slightly) thoughtful and slightly lengthy response to this, but it wouldn’t post. But basically I agree.

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