Townsville: Flinders St

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My first trip to Townsville and I was impressed with the streetscape and vibe around Flinders St.  A nice piece of urban design I enjoyed was an area of mall with a container-like building.  It had a tourist info centre but also incorporated a big screen, seating, a cafe and bit of lawn.  It was also positioned well to link to a pedestrian bridge.

*Annoyingly I couldn’t find who designed this street/space in my quick google search.  (ha, just another sign of how well known and acknowledged urban design is!!)  I joked to BH that it was Urbis, since it felt like King George Square “look” and materials.  It turns out they did the CBD Masterplan, so it might have been them.


3 thoughts on “Townsville: Flinders St

  1. musedemuzz says:

    And like King George Square, it doesn’t appear to have enough shade for a tropical climate.

  2. Leigh says:

    It was designed by Cox Rayner and the former Gamble McKinnon Green. They also did the River Pioneer Park in Thuringowa.

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