Creativity and the Power to Connect: Talk

I’ll be talking at this upcoming forum.  It’s a great theme about “creativity and the power to connect'”, which has got me thinking about design collaborations (connecting “unrelated” professions) and community projects (connecting people to “disconnected” urban spaces and policy)

Sat 29 Sep 2012
2:00 pm – 03:15 pm
SLQ Auditorium 1, level 2

Creativity and the Power to Connect is a public forum in which you’re invited to discuss with artists, authors and designers the notion of ‘connection’ and how it relates to the lives, the people, and the places of regional and remote Queensland communities.

Yen Trinh | designer, writer, public artist
Melissa Lucashenko | novelist, essayist
Lenine Bourke | arts producer, director, manager
Jay Younger | artist, curator, educator
Robyn Daw | artist, writer, director, manager

Connection, the touring exhibition of the 2011 Queensland Regional Art Awards opens in Brisbane on Saturday 29 September. Explore diverse works from 30 of the finest emerging and established artists in regional and remote Queensland. The exhibition, to be launched by the Hon. Ros Bates MP, Minister for Science, IT, Innovation and the Arts will be preceded by a floor talk by exhibition curator Michele Helmrich.


One thought on “Creativity and the Power to Connect: Talk

  1. Muzz says:

    Sadly, (or not) I’ll be in Japan then. Sounds great though.

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