Copenhagen: Habour Bath Pool

While in Denmark, I couldn’t help but seek out some starchitect Bjarke Ingels!   This is Copenhagen Harbour Bath, which wasn’t at its peak on this quiet Thursday afternoon, however still showcases a great idea that connects a city to its water.

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How we use our inner city waterfronts, I still think this is an area of untapped potential in Brisbane.

In research at Southbank,  BD went to taste the saltiness of the River, which struck me at the time.  I posed in the draft menu that  ” The Brisbane River is both an unifier and divider in city making. How we visually and physically access and cross it become points of convergence, and some of the city’s most memorable experiences. It forms a natural landmark, and its bridges also help people automatically orientate themselves. It is an unavoidable border to South Bank, however it is a paradox that not many Brisbane people seek to taste, swim or access the River intimately, nor is this behaviour often encouraging in our city design. How do people want to relate to the Brisbane River in the future?



One thought on “Copenhagen: Habour Bath Pool

  1. musedemuzz says:

    I do like this idea, especially as an extension of Southbank or part of some redevelopment of Northbank. I have seen kids jumping in the river at Southbank, but it’s pretty rare. And – as my daughter keeps telling me – there are bull sharks in the Brisbane River. So yes, a great idea – with deckchairs!

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