UK: SummerMAKE: Week 2

3 teams and 3 works.  Instruments and installation that have ended up being Wind, Water and People-driven.

My team created one based on human interaction (people pulling strings) with movements and sounds of springs, chimes, metals and drums.  We all learnt that setting up on site tests all the designs and I think they all ended up a bit differently than dreamt up in the workshop.

Day 8: Making 1:1
OBJECT: Prototype frame for middle section, and pieces for ends

Day 9: Making 1:1 
OBJECT: Cone frames made

Day 10: Assembling 
OBJECT: Cladding the inside of cones, and we joined 3 pieces to one.  Tested it hanging

Day 11:  Installing on Site 
Final touches and middle cladding.  We carry it to a new forest site after lunch.  In the cold rain, and some improvised roping to trees, we manage to get it suspended!   Perhaps we would have enjoyed that moment more if the weather was nicer.

Day 12:  Final Site Adjustments
The guys took it down for adjustments, then managed to raise it again amongst the tree.
The other teams also try to fix problems onsite.

Reflection:  I really enjoyed the design-by-making-process, and learning more about the philosophy of Hooke Park and AA.  I think the program structure and process could work well in other projects and settings.  Hooke Park is really well set up – and while I still think there is a niche market for such experiences in Australia/QLD, it hasn’t inspired me to start my own, which I had thought in the past.   …it is a bit too much work!


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