London: Serpentine Gallery Pavilion

The Serpentine Gallery Pavilion is an annual architecture competition located in Hyde Park.  This year’s was designed by Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiwei (1 June – 14 October 2012).

This year’s Pavilion will take visitors beneath the Serpentine’s lawn to explore the hidden history of its previous Pavilions. Eleven columns characterising each past Pavilion and a twelfth column representing the current structure will support a floating platform roof 1.5 metres above ground. The Pavilion’s interior will be clad in cork, a sustainable building material chosen for its unique qualities and to echo the excavated earth.Taking an archaeological approach, the architects have created a design that will inspire visitors to look beneath the surface of the park as well as back in time across the ghosts of the earlier structures.

I enjoyed the design concept and tt was great to see people using it as a gathering space, but my only observation was lighting design could have been improved.

Like the PS1 MOMA pavilions, I sure do like annual pavilion competitions and the creativity they strongly encourage and  display.


One thought on “London: Serpentine Gallery Pavilion

  1. musedemuzz says:

    I love this annual Pavilion. Wish we had more stuff like it. The City Botanic Gardens would be a good location – or the lawn outside the GOMA.

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