London: Hyde Park paintings

Paintings along the park fence creating a nice street activation.  Stalls had a permit sign from the City so it a use that is encouraged and regulated.  So simple.  I’m surprised this doesn’t happen on the fence of Brisbane City Botanic Gardens, it might enliven an otherwise quiet area of town.



6 thoughts on “London: Hyde Park paintings

  1. musedemuzz says:

    That’s one of my 20 Wishes for Brisbane.

  2. yengen says:

    I wonder if it is an easy permit to get? or even necessary from BCC – it’s either like a busking or market stall type permit.

  3. musedemuzz says:

    I dare say if you tried to start without a permit, they’d get annoyed. They may not even have an appropriate permit for it, but maybe it’s worth contacting some art groups to find out if they’d be keen to do something like this.

  4. yengen says:

    I think this is do-able. Permit for temporary use of council footpath? and you need a market/event permit when it is over 2000 people

  5. musedemuzz says:

    Hmmm… Maybe something to do with my new-found unemployment.

  6. […] so innocently started out as a blog post about my London visit to Hyde Park here, and then SHAZAAM!! (with a UR{BNE} Ideas Cafe),  it magically happened in […]

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