London: QE Hall Roof Garden

Southbank Centre reminded me of QPAC a bit in use and form, and was exciting to find it’s otherwise empty spaces filled.  With the invitation to “Come on Up!”, this is a rooftop garden with a great story about involving community and also being sustained by community donations.   Something similar happened in Brisbane/QPAC are with the 2011 Ideas Festival in a space at the State Library – but how might such project actually live on??  Community partnerships and innovative funding is what is needed in Brisbane.


The Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden – a partnership between Southbank Centre and the Eden Project – was built from scratch last year by the ‘Grounded’ gardening team from Providence Row Housing Association, working with colleagues from the Eden Project. This summer, the Roof Garden features unusual vegetables originally introduced to the UK by immigrants, celebrating the cultural diversity of London.


One thought on “London: QE Hall Roof Garden

  1. Muzz says:

    I wish they’d had this when I was there. When living in London, I always found the RFH and Southbank a fascinating place to visit on the weekends. There always seemed to be something on – and the RFH had free lunchtime concerts in their foyer as well.

    Though I didn’t know the planning language, it was often a well-activated space.

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