The Wedding Photo Index

Today the Powerhouse was teeming with wedding photos.  3 weddings all competing for the same shot in from of that same facade wall.  I’ve decided this to be the new measure of quality public spaces.  I’m calling it “The Wedding Photo” Index

How do we measure and value urban design and great public places, is often an endless conversation I’m in.  It is also timely with the upcoming release of things like the Green Star Community rating tool that attempts to do this very thing.  I actually think most rating tools are partly flawed but they are good in at least trying to quantify, and are helpful to advance the conversations and bring awareness to values.

Generally, it seems that urban design isn’t measured, OR we don’t know how, OR it’s too hard to OR we just don’t have the time and money and governance to make the data sets, OR we don’t care, AND/OR there hasn’t been a need to measure.

I’ve heard Gehl created clever metrics like counting number of seats in footpath and outdoor dining to measure street vibrancy, so I figure counting the number of puffy bridal dresses seems just as legit.

I feel like there could be some greater curious analysis in this to deconstruct wedding photos and survey photographers.  Roma St Parklands, Kangaroo Point, Botanic Gardens, QUT,  anywhere near River all seems like Brisbane’s wedding photo places and also our prime public spaces.  What might be the places that add texture, colour, light, diversity, architectural interest, framing, views, greenspace and background to photos? How might we design those things better into cities?

I think it was Olmstead who designed landscapes with the view of landscape painting in mind, imagine if people designed and planned cities with wedding photos in mind.

Could be a curious project to explore – though in a just quick google of “Brisbane wedding photographers”…all I can mostly gather is there are also some really cheesy cringe-worthy engagement photos out there!


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