What if? Riverside Expressway

On a bike ride approaching QUT, I was surprised to find how wide certain parts of the path opens up along the Riverside Expressway.  Underneath part of the expressway is the QUT carpark, which is dark and closed in by the narrow concrete pillars.  I’m certainly no engineer, but in looking at the form, I figured that some of the concrete pillars are not structural, but used to enclose space.

Many years ago I remember the news story of someone being bashed down there, and I sense we have progressed a bit, but yet it will never feel welcoming or super safe in this part of the city because there is no active uses.

I pondered –

What if some of the pillars cut out and removed?  The ceiling height seems enough to slot in uses.

What if the car park was adapted to allow some fringe use (semi-shopfronts) or totally conversion of that underneath space? There is so much space there

What if you could see through that space, and it let people better connect to QUT?

What if it was temporary uses to start some activation? Markets, event, a coffee cart, a pop up

What if? 

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One thought on “What if? Riverside Expressway

  1. musedemuzz says:

    What if indeed.

    I guess the North Bank proposals were supposed to partly address this (but more to provide Multiplex with many millions of dollars). Sadly many sensible ideas for North Bank were ignored, and after the floods and elections, who knows what will happen there now.

    But as you say, we should be able to do something there now. Ideally, I’d take most of the car park out, but you probably need better public transport services first – and who knows when or if Cross River Rail is going to go ahead now.

    Thanks for bringing it up though.

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