City Builder Book Club: Chapter 15

Part 3: Forces of decline and regeneration 

Chapter 15: Unslumming and slumming 

Chapter 15, p 285 

The key link in a perpetual slum is that too many people move out of it too fast – and in the meantime dream of getting out. This is the link that has to be broken if any other efforts at overcoming slums or slum life are to be of the least avail.

p290… Once a slum has formed, the pattern of emigration that made it is apt to continue.  Just as in the case of the pre-slum emigration, two kinds of movement occur.  Successful people, including those who achieve very modest gains indeed, keep moving out.  But there are also apt to periodic wholesale migrations, as a whole population begins to achieve modest gains.  Both movements are destructive, the second apparently more so than the first. ….

Too many of those who overcome the economic necessity to overcrowd get out, instead of improving their lot in the neighbourhood.   They are quickly replaced by others who currently have little economic choice.  The buildings naturally wear out with disproportionate swiftness under the conditions.

p295…When sufficient people begin to stay in slum by choice, several other important things also begin to happen.  The community itself gains competence and strength, partly from practice and growth of trust, and finally (this takes much longer) from becoming less provincial…

p300…Self-diversification of a population is reflected in diversification of commercial and cultural enterprise.  Diversification of income alone makes a difference in the range of possible commercial diversification.




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