City Builder Book Club: Chapter 7

Part 2: The conditions of city diversity 

Chapter 7: The generators of diversity 

Chapter 7, p158

The benefits that cities offer to smallness are just as marked in retail trade, cultural facilities and entertainment.  This is because city populations are large enough to support wide ranges of variety and choices in these things.  And again we find that bigness has all the advantage in smaller settlements.  Towns and suburbs for instance are natural homes for huge supermarkets, and for little else in the way of groceries, for standard movie houses or drive ins for little else in the way of theatre.

There are simply not enough people to support further variety, although there may be people(too few of them) who would draw upon it were it there.  Cities, however, are the natural homes of supermarkets, and standard movie houses, plus delicatessens, Viennese bakeries, foreign groceries, art movies, and so on, all of which can be found co-existing, the standard with the strange, the large with the small.  Wherever lively and popular parts of the cities are found, the small much outnumber the large.


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