City Builder Book Club: Chapter 2

Part 1: The Peculiar Nature of Cities
Chapter 2:
The uses of sidewalks: safety

Chapter  2, p61

The basic requisite for such surveillance is a substantial quantity of stores, and other public places sprinkled along the sidewalks of a district; enterprises and public places that are used by evening and night must be among them especially.  Stores, bars and restaurants, as chief examples, work in several different and complex ways to abet sidewalk safety…

Chapter 2, p61

The stretch of Hudson Street where I live is each day the scene of an intricate sidewalk ballet. …While I sweep the wrappers I watch the other rituals of the morning….Joe Cornacchia’s son-in-law stacking out the empty crates from the delicatessen, the barber bringing out his sidewalk folding chair,…well-dressed and even elegant women and men with brief cases emerge from doorways and side streets…


2 thoughts on “City Builder Book Club: Chapter 2

  1. musedemuzz says:

    The sidewalk ballet makes me smile. Keep it up

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