I want this building or something like it

Tucked away between Wickham St  and the railine, near the Valley Pool and BMW,  are hidden gems in cul-de-sac patches.   It would be awesome to refurbish this type of building for my dream loft apartment upstairs and a cool bar/cafe/restaurant/gallery shop downstairs.

It is a strange little in-between patch, but I sense it as untapped possibility.

  • Dealing with the rail noise would be have to be considered but on the plus the rail makes it a quiet cul-de-sac with no passing traffic
  • Close enough to the Valley centres of activity, but far enough from the dodgy feeling.
  • Not quite as developed as Emporium, but you know higher density might be coming up a lot nearby to support some cool place.
  • Hints of refurbishments but is still warehouse-y and feels a bit like parts of Newstead but less connected.
  • Some part feels strangely like Tribeca and Meatpacking area to me.

At the back, also found a hidden car park that just might be prefect for a park(ing) party


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