City Builder Book Club: Death and Life

I just started re-reading “The Death and Life of Great American Cities” as part of the City Builders Book Club. 
My one and only past attempts in bookclubs was not too successful in keeping up with the reading, and I hope this would be a chance to step it up.
In the first pages I found myself underlining inspiring quotes and those I found funny about my own profession (she pretty much says “planners are idiots”!).  I thought they might make funny cartoons and so I thought I would start a new blog series:
“Death and Life of American Cities: ILLUSTRATED!”
To illustrate this book, chapter at a time, as a way to help me in this bookclub.
When asked by the Design Library, I had listed it easily as my number 1 career-changing book, and hope to refind the things that inspired me from when I first read it in uni.

2 thoughts on “City Builder Book Club: Death and Life

  1. maryrowe says:

    Wonderful illustrations! Thanks very much for these –looking forward to ‘reading’ them along with the book!

  2. Planning Editor says:

    Thanks Yen, enjoying the sketches. A lovely short cut for those who don’t get around to reading the book! Keep up the good work.

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