Suburban Lights

3 hours on a 4KQ Christmas Lights BCC bus tour.  We took the Westside tour including Taringa, 17 Miles Rocks/ Windermere, Jindalee, Westlake and Kenmore.  It was a nice example of how such a simple event can build community and create interest in public spaces.  My favourite was in Westlake where several houses had gotten involved.

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It also turned out to be a mini-urban planning trip to the suburbs.  It tested how curvy traffic calmed streets do not handle traffic and public transport buses.  It was also a showcase of suburban density and some shockingly large “MacMansions”.   Especially in Windermere, I couldn’t help but think “NOONE needs a house THAT big?!!”   It can’t be a sustainable urban pattern.


2 thoughts on “Suburban Lights

  1. Muzz says:

    It’s always interesting to see how other people live. And the coloured lights they attach to their houses in December.

  2. Whoa! One of those houses has more lights than blades of grass I’m sure! But despite the excessive use of electricity, it is one way to get a community to get together and enjoy a simple pleasure.

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