Roma St: You are ugly

While investigating the Roma St Transit Centre as an idea of painting an urban design proposition on a traffic signal box, all I concluded was “Roma St, You are Ugly

It has some beautiful big figs, but I’m not sure that makes up for the pedestrian dead spaces, elevated walkway, confusing entry, grade changes, dated building materials/finishes, blank walls and no active street frontages.

This picture in Brisbane Times hints at someone looking at redeveloping at least, and as such a main welcoming point to visitors/travellers, it surely deserves some critical design attention.  It was mentioned in the City Centre Masterplan and I really think it could be a whole fascinating and complex design exercise in itself.  Maybe that’s why nothing has happened with it, I can see it falling into the “too hard” basket.


4 thoughts on “Roma St: You are ugly

  1. Yes, it’s not the greatest design for our largest transit centre / interchange. One of the heritage buildings between the busway and the railway is being restored… the actual railway platforms and that old building are really nice, but can’t be seen from the street

    • yengen says:

      yep, agree- maybe that is the revolutionary design-move, knock it down re-establish the heritage frontage, re-configure the parking and thus bus areas (as in I don’t know why it is elevated – and whether it could be at grade). It also hides and doesn’t help connectivity to Roma St Parklands too

  2. Muzz says:

    Totally agree. The Transit Centre is top of my list of Buildings to Blow Up in Brisbane. It is (as you say) ugly, unwelcoming (inside and out), not easily accessible and horrid architecture.

  3. 3 words: bland, boring and outdated.

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