Urban Design as Art

Many years ago I painted 2 traffic boxes (one still is at Toowong, and another painted over at Mt Ommaney).  I was re-inspired to do another.

It has been great to see how the project has grown and evolved since I was last involved. http://www.urbansmartprojects.com/

The site is one near the Roma St Transit Centre (which I think is ugly and a weird bit of street).  My idea is to somehow paint a urban design proposition.

It reminds me of MB’s poster idea where as an “architectural man of mystery” wanted to  anonymously leave posters in locations like phoneboxes and corners that shared improvement ideas for that street.  The view that these ideas were offers/ gifts to the public in a way.

I’m going to see if it passes the artwork eligibility idea.

Imagine if other people might do the same, and in May 2012 we could highlight them for UR{BNE} Festival.

(edit: *The lastest to join would be March 2012 as things need to be painted within 2 months of artwork approval, and 1 month to complete.  Painting during the Festival time, could also be excellent point of public space activation as well)


One thought on “Urban Design as Art

  1. musedemuzz says:

    I like it. I like it a lot.

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