Southbank: Chair Zone

I love Southbank for lots of reasons.  Another reason to add is moveable chairs! A new “chair zone” can be found along Little Stanley St where loungers can be moved and borrowed.

Movable chairs in public spaces was a common scene in New York (like Byrant Park, Broadway plazas), but in other cities it seems to be stopped because of views that people can steal them or damage property with them.  With some more trust, cultural shift,  density of use, I think it can be demonstrated that movable chairs could be awesome in more spaces.


One thought on “Southbank: Chair Zone

  1. muzz says:

    I like this concept, and have seen them in the Jardin de Luxembourg in Paris and Green Park in London (though they charge you a quids to use them).

    I think these are probably too large to easily take off with – which hopefully prevents them being stolen. Along with a fair bit of passive suerveillance.

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