Watch this space: UR{BNE} Festival

Draft proposal>>

A month long festival (May 2012) activating Brisbane public’s spaces and encouraging the public discussion about the design of cities.

What you might expect?

  • Talks in public space
  • Talks about public space and cities
  • Workshops on community projects
  • Design workshops
  • SIA lunch time design drawing  challenges
  • Brisbane Park(ing) Day book launch
  • King George Square Games Night
  • Pecha Kucha
  • Exhibitions
  • Design film program
  • Walking tours (international Jane Walks )
  • Theatre in public spaces
  • Dinners in public space
  • Design/build installation
  • Community ideas for redesign
  • Social events
  • Music in public space

Seeking to partner with existing events, professional peak bodies and institutes (AIA, UDAL, AILA, DIA), universities, businesses, media, and community.


One thought on “Watch this space: UR{BNE} Festival

  1. muzz says:

    Can’t wait. Should be interesting

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