PIA Toowoomba: Planning is Boring

It was my first PIA QLD Conference, and my first time speaking at a conference at all.  My talk was “Making Planning Fun” though I seemed to have been remembered more for declaring “Planning is boring” in my first slide.  Ha, way to be controversial at a planning conference in a room full of planners!


Temporary public space activation, events, and public art has the opportunity to excite and engage policy discussion around many important urban planning and design issues, such as public space, community, environment and transport.  The worlds of urban planning and public space programming are often separated.   This is an area of missed opportunity to challenge and demonstrate policy, excite critical rethinking of issues, build community and contribute to place making.

This presentation highlights project experiences in Brisbane, New York and Toronto that can brings together urban planning issues though art and events to enliven public spaces, create urban change and challenge policy discussion.   Key projects include Brisbane PARK(ing) Day which is an annual global event transforming car parks in public parks, and the public artwork “Priority Seating for Conversations” at Royal Brisbane Hospital Busway which sought to rethink the role of public transport.  The presentation also highlights the work of other key collaborators and inspirations such as the Design Trust for Public Space, and Do Tank Brooklyn.  

The presentation is viewable here>


and here > http://www.planning.org.au/qldcontent/2011-conference

I’ll be doing a similar talk with a focus on arts, for the upcoming ArtSpoken Conference in Bundaberg – http://www.arts.qld.gov.au/arts/artspoken/conference-program.html


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