PIA Toowoomba: CBD Masterplan Walk

The option of a walking tour was a great addition to PIA Conference program.  It was guided by Urbis, the consultants for the CBD Masterplan.  Walking the streets is the very best way to understand space.  It helped bring context to the plans and ideas.

More info on Toowoomba CBD Masterplan >




2 thoughts on “PIA Toowoomba: CBD Masterplan Walk

  1. Muzz says:

    I thought their Masterplan was okay, but did anyone tell you that the council is already ignoring (and I would say subverting) it by approving what is effectively a big box hardware store on the old foundry site?

    What’s more, the back of the big box faces the spare that is proposed to be a new park. Great urban planning there *sarcasm ends*

  2. Muzz says:

    Disclaimer: I grew up in Toowoomba, and while I’m generally uninterested in revisiting the place (Brisbane is my home now) I still care about the place.

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