Residential Form Handbook

The Residential Form Handbook went live yesterday

I actually really admire this type of work to simplify and broaden the understanding of urban planning concepts in the wider public.  Too often people can mistakenly think that increasing density just means inappropriate height, and this handbook helps show what density numbers might really mean.

My only thing is…  I feel even great work is often so buried deep in the recesses of Council websites, I wonder  how/when can planners get more traction on these topics?


2 thoughts on “Residential Form Handbook

  1. Muzz says:

    Thanks for pointing it out to me at least.

    To answer your question on traction, I’m not sure.

    I suspect it depends on whether someone with sufficient importance in council decides it’s worth spending time and money promoting to planners, holding workshops, seminars, or the like.

    Apart from that, I’m in TMR and have an extensive email list of people I send links to, so I’ll forward it.

  2. Mike Gillen says:

    Apologies for the long delay but I was responsible for the primary research on this project. It was primarily driven by a need to encourage and educate a sceptical public. Yes, it is somewhat buried in the layers of IT info but its a start.
    Mike Gillen

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