9 Cool Projects under Freeways

“Elevated freeways slice through cities all over the world. At their best, they make getting into and around cities incredibly easy; at their worst, they segregate and isolate communities. Somewhere in between those two poles is a ton of potential. The spaces beneath those overpasses are often underutilized – or utilized in ways illegal or undesirable. Cities are beginning to take advantage of these dead spaces as usable parts of the public realm. These projects highlight some of the ways cities and communities are taking advantage of the space beneath freeways“>> http://www.theatlanticcities.com/design/2011/09/under-overpass-projects-under-freeways/192/

Great ideas, considering my PK wish #2 was rethinking Riverside Expressway.

Also a NYC ‘lowline’ http://inhabitat.com/underground-low-line-park-planned-for-new-york-citys-lower-east-side/




One thought on “9 Cool Projects under Freeways

  1. Muzz says:

    These are great ideas, especially since these areas tend to be dead, and separate people from each other. I’d add spaces under rail lines as well.

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