My 20 wishes for Brisbane

Pecha Kucha Lesson Learnt  = 20 secs is really really QUICK!

It was really fun to share the ideas. Thanks to all the friends who came and the people who came up to me after.  I hope it inspires something.

Full downloadable/viewable PDF via issuu>


4 thoughts on “My 20 wishes for Brisbane

  1. My two bob’s worth on a couple of these:
    #4 – regular car free events. Strongly agree with this one. I ran in the Brissie (half-)marathon this year and we were largely confined to footpaths along the river. It would be a fantastic event to start across the Story Bridge and go through the city. The QPS and State Govt however are very unkeen on this, I understand.

    #6 – friendlier neighbourhoods. Surely this depends on where you are. Granted I am on the bayside, not strictly in Brisbane as such, but there are very friendly neighbourhoods here. Maybe all of the inner-city 20-somethings think they want friendly neighbourhoods but are too busy with their own lives to want anything to do with “randoms”. 😉 *ducks*

    #16 – King George Square. Just want to say that the “new” King George Square is a disgrace. It is utter unsuited to our climate and a couple of token trees popped into the frying pan surface are not going to make it a public space that too many people are able to use. We live in the sub-tropics for goodness sakes. Grass and trees and cool areas are vital in the hot five months of the year. A stark, rocky surface that impresses architects and is better suited in Berlin is, well, better suited in Berlin. (To put the shoe on the other foot, how many Germans are building Queenslanders?)

  2. Muzz says:

    I love the ideas that involve people who are just walking by. Things that allow them to participate in the life of their city. Finding new and interesting use for spaces that aren’t normally available is also fantastic. The art, the mini gold are excellent – though I’d like to find another more prominent space for the art.

    I especially like the car-free idea (and the activities on trains you also posted about), but can’t see our bureaucracies possibly coping with something unusual.

    And finally, while all these are good, many seem mostly located in the inner city. Anything that will make people feel that their suburbs are vibrant and active would also be great.

    Keep up the great ideas.

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