City Cat: North Quay

Going the full circle on the CityCat is something I’ve never done and so it was on my “30 things for my 30th in 30ish days” list.  I started at North Quay, went to UQ, before it turned around to Bretts Wharf and I looped back to Bulimba.  2 hours it took.

The CityCat is not especially legible from the street level (William St), and the underneath area of North Quay and Riverside Expressway has long been an area I always thought needed some rethink and vibrancy.

I was nicely surprised by the recent works.

(1) Giant words saying “ferry” are now painted on the footpath, at the Victoria Bridge intersection and linked to a painted line.  A type of  ‘follow the yellow brick road way-finding’ to lead you down.

2) Newly painted artwork on surfaces add visual interest when viewed from above (street level) and helps suggests to drivers and bikes that it as a shared zone where people are likely walking about

It highlighted to me the power of simple intervention like just graphics and colour.

It had been quite a while since I had walked down there, and  I was reminded how much space there is.  Space that is kind of nothing.  Space that I pondered – what could it be better used for?


2 thoughts on “City Cat: North Quay

  1. Muzz says:

    Surely the space should be best used by any multinational construction company to build buildings in the river. Just joking. But it is a very good question, to which I sadly do not have a good answer.

    It could – and should – obviously be used to bring people closer to the river, and form connections to the city. Unfortunately I notice someone put a damn big freeway there, making the area a little unpleasant. But I am glad to see that it becoming less so.

  2. Muzz says:

    I rode through there this morning for the first time since this was done. I was pretty impressed with the art on the ground. The wayfinding is pretty good as well, especially for a place where lots of tourists will be using.

    My main issue as a cyclist is what I would consider an over-use of CAUTION painted on the path. (this is even more the case near QUT). I feel this partly because I’m inclined to think all the other painting does a good enough job to communicate this, and also because it continues to suggest that cycling is a perilous activity.

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