+ Pool: A floating pool in the River

+ Pool is an initiative to build a floating pool for everyone in the rivers of New York City. 

More specifically, we proposed a pool that uses and filters the very water that it floats in.  A pool that makes it possible to swim off the shores of New York. In river water. That’s clean.


This would be a great idea in Brisbane (and any city…really).  I had once posted a similar floating pool idea (from Berlin) – http://www.streeteditors.com/2008/03/14/pool-party/


2 thoughts on “+ Pool: A floating pool in the River

  1. Muzz says:

    Yes. We need one in Brisbane. But where would you put it?

    • yengen says:

      anywhere on the River could work. It would make sense near some major park perhaps – New Farm Park, Botanic Gardens, Newstead RiverPark, West End and/or areas missing public pool facilities

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