Back to School: KGSC Design Challenge

It was a fun (and a bit strange) to be back in school.

I had presented at Kelvin Grove State College as part of a design program being led by Les Hooper, who I have admired as the 2009 Smithsonian Queensland Design Education Fellow.  This fellowship gives QLD teachers an opportunity to work with the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in NYC.

The day’s program was for Grade 7s and titled “Saving Humpty”, and was looking at design thinking in relation to safety. I enjoyed the energy and smarts of the kids, and I found a new perspective about teaching and how schools run. It made me nostalgic, and reflective of my own time in school.

Design + Education is indeed the future, and such a natural mix.  In the past, other people I have especially admired include CUP  – Centre of Urban Pedagogy (Brooklyn) – who have a great Teaching Artist program that is always exploring and creating provoking work about urban issues.  Design education (not just school-based) but also for university students, studios, and young professionals, is really interesting and inspiring to me.

It was also an interesting personal challenge for me to simplify urban design messages.  PD use to have a “mum-test” for communicating project ideas, I think the “kids-test” might also work.


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