I heart High Line

It had felt so strange to be back in NYC.

It had been “the dream” for so long, and going back, I finally feel like I can let it go and move on…which I probably hadn’t honestly fully done even after returning to Australia.
After the first day, just as I had proudly fallen out of love with it… it did get to me a little.

High Line.
Like a crush who makes me feel dreamy or an old friend who welcomes me always.
Yep Stage 2 is AWESOME.
I once described it like a man
I would marry him if he was, and make public spaces babies all around the world.  haha

He might be the perfect man…
An old soul but with modern sensibility
He’s got character
Lots of layers and stories
He’s friendly and welcomes people
He’s creative and innovative and thinks outside the box
He’s structured but a little wild on the edges
And… he’s really, really good looking!!!
They have a great temporary plaza underneath it at 30th St, called “The Lot” with beer and food vans. I had drinks there on Friday night and funnily in this massive city, ran into someone who I knew from BYO BQE.  Clearly I have some weird thing for parties under infrastructure….so it seems somehow very urban-design geeky and PERFECT for me to be having drinks there.

I really don’t see myself back in NYC for any reason now and in the future…..well….maybe when STAGE 3 opens!!!


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