TED: Main Stage Talks

The TED main stage! I can’t even remember my fave talks…so don’t ask me.  Simply too many that I’d have to look at the book to remember.  Only to say there are amazing people in the world!!!

There were 3 specific ones around urbanism/architecture (Geoffrey West -cities science, Shohei Shigematsu – OMA , David Adjaye- Africa)  but I also loved the other ones completely unrelated to my work.   I can still take messages from many of them like ones about social change (because I think urban policy change needs that similar thought of movement in people).
For example, Nadia al-Sakkaf (Yemen newspaper editor), described herself studying in India but not sure about her identity in Yemen, and her dad said you are neither – “you are a bridge”.   That struck me as one of the main things I also do in pushing for collaboration in design.  In many aspects, I definitely learnt how I am and can be a bridge and connector, and how everyone’s power is found when they know their roles as bridges.  Bridges…also got me thinking about city festival ideas for Brisbane.

Amongst talks, I had also attended hosted lunches (with Audi, and Shell) and that was a table setting (10 people) for more focussed discussion about cities and urbanism.


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