My TEDpledge

My first TED conference has been incredible, inspiring, fun.  TED is like a drug, I’ve overdosed and am a junkie for life.  Head full of ideas + hands full of cool free stuff + heart full of inspiration and memories.

I’ll break it down in following smaller posts and it’s too hard to really summarize.  Most of the time, especially the first days, I was just in awe and starstruck by people I had admired from afar, and feeling unworthy to be there amongst such awesomeness.

I know many friends who are also inspired by the format and I had concluded that EVERYONE DESERVES A TED EXPERIENCE.  What is online is only a fraction of the energy that is really there!

But I also know it’s really goddamn expensive to come that not everyone can afford ($5000 conference + $3000 flight + accom etc etc).  So I’m going to pledge some money (let’s say $1000 min) to any design friends or any Brisbane applicants who apply and get in.  Money should not be an excuse for awesome people not to try!!

There is also the TEDFellows program that will cover your costs (which I encourage but that also feels uber competitive, something like over 1000 applications for 20 spots)

Everyone deserves experiencing a TED, so go apply for 2012!

I’d like to especially thank the Map magazine family of Carl and Morgan, and Paul since then, who many years ago, all first showed me and inspired me to going to TED.   I had applied with no idea about my chances of going, and I’ve been rejected on other attempts – so sticking to the mindset of “you got to be in it to win it”, dear friends, I hope you apply.


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