PlaceMaker: Ultimate Party Kit

5 teams + 1.5 hrs to build + random materials + brief to build something to connect people in public space = Indesign Challenge at Premiers Design Awards.

The State Government team had people from different agencies, and I enjoyed it as a mirco-cosm of collaboration that should be happening on a day to day basis.  The team created a scale model of “PlaceMaker: The Ultimate Public Space Party Kit”

The PlaceMaker is a kit and movable bollard that helps communities, connect, create and activate their own public spaces.  It is based on the idea that memorable public spaces goes beyond physical design – that it is in fact created by the people and activities that occupy these spaces.

The kit helps facilitate an active culture of street parties and getting neighbours together, and can be used to temporarily reclaim: any street, plaza, park, bridges and/or car parking spaces.

FEATURES include personalised components to facilitate comfort and activities, such as

  • Foldable Seats
  • Table
  • Shade umbrella
  • Storage
  • Rubbish bins
  • Astroturf carpet
  • Event signs

The audience were asked to participate by commenting where they would like to use a PlaceMaker and what custom features they would like to add.

…I’m clearly bias to how this could be prototyped for communities and tested for Park(ing) Day


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