New Project: Let’s start an Urban Design Festival

My original EDLA application was to see Venice Biennale or London Architecture Festival, with the dream to start an urban design/architecture festival here.  Due to timing, my plan now is Milan to see the Public Design Festival and bigger design week (furniture etc). Well rumours of some others thinking along the same festival lines is making me want to commit some of my prize money to fund something.

In my review of possible festivals to attend I had found

Older ones I had admired before

Know anymore? Tell me about it!

What makes these festival programs especially awesome to me:

  1. Fun, public engagement to much wider audiences (not just professionals)
  2. Transforming uses of public space
  3. Collaborative partnerships to deliver the program (creating opportunities for others to contribute and populate the program).
  4. Generating real ideas to impact policy and discussion

It relies on key partners, and this was a main difference I found with New York – that there seems way more non-profits to partner with who where already working in areas of advocacy/education in urban issues.  Just look at the great partners list of Urban Design Week.  I feel Brisbane has less organization around these topics (outside universities and a few professional institutes), but like Brisbane Park(ing) Day it just means finding and creating networks.

I’d really like to work on curating a film festival component of this, and could see it easily happen at GOMA’s Cinematheque or the like.  Showing architecture films (like the New York festival) but also including  mainstream movies like James Bond, and then have discussion about its architecture (Ken Adams, the set designer was an architect)

This might also be an opportunity to expand out my Happiness in Cities project idea too, and deliver on formats I’ve been seeking to adapt locally.

An Urban Design Festival….AKA how can I help do all the projects I’ve wanted to do in one giant spectacular?

One stone many birds.


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