IDEO Takes on The Government

Wow, exciting to hear.  IDEO takes on the Government

I’ve been long thinking that government is a huge market for design thinking firms, and an area that could do with some innovation rethink.  QLD Government has the 2020 Design Strategy that looks a lot about industry and external design support, but might be more an opportunity to champion internal ‘design thinking’ amongst agencies.   

Design thinking is a whole lot about systems and there feels like all sorts of messy systems, processes and bureaucracy that could be cut out of government.  I consider that if good design is trying to support comfortable and enjoyable human/user/ customer experiences, well that first experience for government is often just a confusing one. A big maze to be wandered where it is hard to know what exists and who to even talk to.  I work in it daily, and I still don’t feel like I fully understand it all.


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